Broadway in the Parks: Singing with the Land

My life totally changed when I discovered Magical Mouse Radio and Reedy Creek Radio about two years ago.

I am a park audio junkie and not afraid to admit it!

Magical Mouse Radio’s Background Loop Tuesday is a constant highlight to my week and it was a long time ago, I discovered a little Broadway in an interior loop.

Although this loop is now extinct (as of 2005 & the introduction of Soarin’), the instrumentals of “Old Devil Moon” from the musical Finian’s Rainbow used to be a part of The Land’s background music — which cleverly including songs with sun or moon in the title.

finian's rainbow

Originally set on Broadway in 1947, the musical follows a father (named Finian) and daughter who move from Ireland to the Southern United States. Finian is desperate to bury the pot of gold he has “acquired” from a leprechaun, who has followed him on his journey. The town is full of drama and its own need for luck and wishes started to get granted all over the place.

Finian’s Rainbow was was also a film in 1968 and a Broadway revival in 2009.

And now the music… (Unfortunately I could not find ONE clip of the correct interior The Land loop.)

But here’s theΒ North Olmsted High School Jazz Ensemble from Ohio playing “Old Devil Moon” in Epcot earlier this year:

A brilliant Judy Garland version:

And a scene from the 2009 revival starring (my favorite) Cheyenne Jackson and Kate Baldwin:

You and you glance
Make this romance
Too hot to handle.
Stars in the night
Blazing their light
Can’t hold a candle
To your razzle-dazzle.

Don’t those lyrics just make you want to swoon?

Who knew The Land was such a romantic?

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