Muppet Monday: Scenes from a Comic Book

Sometime last year, Michelleย was sweet and generous enough to give me some Muppet comics she found while browsing around the comic book shop. Both were the Muppets in a Peter Pan sort of story.

And I say sort of because it’s a total, hilarious stretch.

Here are a few of my favorites scenes from the first book:

Sam narrates PETER PAN but is unhappy with the London setting. It’s so UN-American!

Sam also likes to fight with the original narrator. Piggy/Piggytink uses PIGGYDUST to help her fly.

Doesn’t Kermit look cute here?

Scooter without any eyes freaked me out. Janice plays Wendy. (Weird casting.)

Best line ever. “Not-profitable career in the arts.” (Oh right, Sam turns into the dad.)

To see how it ends, you can pick up your own copy here!

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