Broadway in the Parks: Memories & Montego

If you ever get the chance to see a Broadway show, be sure to check your Playbill. I can almost bet there is at least one person in the cast who has worked in some capacity at a Disney theme park at one point in their life. 

memphis playbill

One such person is Montego Glover who worked in many capacities before landing on Broadway in the Tony award winning show Memphis. Tony-nominated for her leading role in Memphis in 2010, she continues to play Felicia Farrell in this musical set in the 1950s about race, love, and rock and roll.

Glover worked in the WDW theme parks for 3 years; she was part of the original cast of Animal Kingdom’s “The Festival of the Lion King” (she played the Princess), as well as part of the original ensemble of “Tarzan Rocks!” (Two of my favorites!)

montego glover

In 2011, Glover reunited with the Mouse when she became the voice of the ‘Let the Memories Begin’ campaign, which jumpstarted the Music, Memories, and You nightly projection and the use of real pictures and video in commercials and other marketing tactics.

See? Walt Disney World is literally where stars are made.

You never know if a performer you see in one of your favorite Disney attractions will be gracing Broadway in a few years.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

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