Muppet Monday: Hip Hop Frog

You know you have true friends when they send you Muppet clips when you are away! (Thanks to the lovely JMK for providing this week’s Muppet Monday.)

For some reason (do we really need one?), the Daily Telegraph posted an amusing Muppet interview last week, focusing on music and the recent movie’s win for Best Original Song. It’s an amusing piece that reminded me of an MTV skit starring Walter and Kermit that I saw around the time of the DVD release where they discussed their favorite music groups of the present. (Classic.) This happens yet again in this article but also includes the quips of Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo. 

Here are a few of my favorite parts:

Kermit-ism #1: We don’t get electronic music in the swamp. There’s something about electricity and water that  just doesn’t mix.

Kermit does enjoy: Weezer and Toad the Wet Sprocket (and every band the Muppets has worked with/covered).

And in a non-Piggy like answer, she is overly sweet about her moment singing with Johnny Cash on the Muppet show: ” Johnny Cash was, like myself, a legend. And sharing the stage was an honour, for Moi as well as for him.  Oh sure, I tried to get him to lighten up on the “man in black” outfits, but he really pulled it off.  I miss him, but his heart-touching music will be with us forever!”

(Although, she does still call herself a legend. Her confidence astounds me!)

Piggy does enjoy: Adele and Carrie Underwood.

When asked about Fozzie’s preferred music tastes: “As for my current playlist on road trips, right now I’ve got “Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear” by Randy Newman, “Mama Get The Hammer There’s A Fly On Papa’s Head” by Lou Monte and the greatest hits of the Beach Bears, including their biggest hit “Good Hibernations”.

Everyone loves a good road trip mix.

Kermit-ism #2: I’m more of a hip hop frog, but I do like dubstep.

Newsflash: Miss Piggy likes musical guest stars who do not sing louder than she does. SHOCKER.

Kermit-ism #3 (on reality music shows): “Actually, I think they’re a great opportunity for everyday people (or frogs) to pursue their dream, to get their shot at being a star.  Sure, not every contestant has the greatest voice, but you have to admire their heart and their perseverance.  The only real crime against music is not trying.”

Doesn’t that make you want to say aww?

This article reminded me of those pop star magazines where we would get all swoony when the celebs we loved had the same music tastes as we do.

And for your viewing pleasure:

(Picture Source)

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