DHS Awareness: Background Music Love

As soon as I read about Hollywood Studios Awareness Week over at StudiosCentral.com, I knew I had to contribute. For the entire week, podcasters, bloggers, and everyone else who dares to will share their love of Hollywood Studios. It’s a fun idea, and I’m happy to say THP will be participating for the full week. Yay! I’m so excited to see what everyone else comes up with!

One of my favorite details in any Disney theme park (or resort for that matter) is the background music. I’ve talked about this before but since I came back from a trip 2 years ago, park audio has been my go-to as my own background music when I’m working at home or at my office; it is indeed my stress relief. Today of all days I realized that DHS ranks last in terms of most memorable and favorable park audio. No fear. It doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorites.

DHS is a park that is all about celebrating the classic era of movies and entertainment, as well as embracing developments in arts and entertainment realm. (Although most of us can agree this “present day” appreciation could use a facelift in some sectors.) The mix of vintage and current music is well-matched in its presence all around the park, as you hop from the Roaring 20s to the familiar Muppet tunes to the rockin’ beats of Aerosmith.

Here are a few of the background loops that I think best represent DHS. Enjoy!

Great Movie Ride Loop (There are quite a few of these… but I love to pick out the different movies plus heading to GMR first is one of my DHS traditions):

Animation Courtyard (I love the sweeping melodies… this loop is long but I guarantee you’ll recognize quite a few tunes):

The quirkiness of MuppetVision 3D:

Tower of Tower Loop (minus the screams):

7 thoughts on “DHS Awareness: Background Music Love

  1. I definitely agree with you that the background music in Hollywood Studios is among the best. I love listening to it as I walk around, or heck, just sit on a bench and listen to it.

  2. The background music for the Tower of Terror is definitely my favorite. It adds perfectly to the eeriness of the attraction and the surrounding area.

  3. What a wonderful post… Hollywood Studios has always had a special place in my heart (and, of course, will always be MGM to me). Another fantastic loop there is the Sunset Boulevard BGM. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by! That IS a good one! I know what you mean… I still make the MGM/DHS mistake when I’m typing sometimes. It’s a great park! I’m glad you share the love of background loops too! 😉

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