Muppet Monday: Jolly Old Time

The United Kingdom is a very important locale in Muppet history. It is the place where Jim Henson was given the chance to have the Muppet Show happen (thanks to Lord Lew Grade), and where production of the show occurred before it was sold to the United States and other areas of the globe.

For the past week, Kermit and Pepe have been over in London doing a bit of PR for The Muppets‘ release to DVD. There have been some adorable/hilarious videos of the two in London landmarks, as well as Pepe playing “Dear Abby” and giving some helpless souls advice in their love lives.

Pepe may be the king prawn but he is also the king of love, it seems.

I most enjoyed this interview:

Skin care advice from Kermit, what did Pepe really do in the movie, and more…

pond cream

So give it a watch, okay?

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