Magic Kingdom & Epcot: All the Small Things (June 2012)

I never thought I would name a Disney post after a Blink 182 song but anything is possible, right?

In the weeks since our Disney Cruise out of Manhattan and our whirlwind 14 hours in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I can’t help but focus on a few of the minute details that made this trip in particular stand out. All of us Disney fans talk until we are blue in the face about the attention to detail in the parks. For all of us, it makes our connection to the theme parks that much stronger. Here are a few tiny moments that made a big impact on our day: features small details at magic kingdom park. This was my first time meeting Davy Crockett Donald and not only was he cute but he was the only character we stopped to snap a picture with during our short trip. He gave us a thumbs up and even treated me to a dance. (No picture of that unfortunately.) The gorgeous fragrance wafting from these lilacs between Fantasyland and Liberty Square literally stopped me in my tracks. I’m not a fan of flowers with scents (weird I know) but I do adore lilacs. I think they are so beautiful and have such a gorgeous smell. I loved how they were subtly planted in this high reaching spot but still made such a statement. (Do they do this every year?), disney philharmonic in magic kingdom

My name is Estelle and I was a band geek. Yes, it’s true. Even though I haven’t marched in a parade or during half-time in a football game in almost 10 years (ah! where has the time gone?), I still go gaga over a band of any kind. The Main Street Philharmonic was hanging out in Liberty Square as we made our way to our lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. James and I joined the crowd watching them, and enjoyed the musicality as well as the little bit of comedy infused into the performance (see the little softshoe trumpet player in picture 2… he’s trouble!). Like catching the Dapper Dans, I love how you could just walk into a land in MK and be surprised by what’s going on there., Brave sand sculpture in Epcot June 2012

Here we are in Epcot where my sandcastle “talents” were put to shame by this Brave masterpiece, leading up to the Tournament Games found between Future World and World Showcase. In the past I’ve seen these sculptures in the parks to advertise the newest DisneyNature films, and have been left pretty awed. It’s just a gorgeous piece of work., frida kahlo print in la hacienda in epcot

During our delicious dinner at La Hacienda, I spotted his Frida Kahlo print framed above the neighboring table. During my senior year of high school, I was in my fourth year of Spanish and much of our studies were on Spanish artists. Frida was a Mexican painter known for her self portraits (like above) or strangely violent subjects. She’s a very interesting lady and I was very excited to see her during my meal. (If you haven’t check out the Salma Hayek movie about her, you should. It’s very, very good.)

Sometimes, after all the planning, and all the effort it took to get there, you just have to take time to sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s around you. (And best of all, you don’t always have to wait on a line or get a reservation to experience it.)

3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom & Epcot: All the Small Things (June 2012)

  1. Donald Duck is my favorite fab five Disney character. I remember way back when you could hardly find him walking around the parks. It was so tough to get a picture and an autograph. Davy Crockett Donald was my first picture with Donald in a very long time. It is hard for me to take a picture with him now because I am tall now!

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