Magic in Manhattan: A Sunset Night, disney cruise from manhattan to the bahamas june 2012Let’s continue this appreciation party for small things in great places, shall we?

Some people knock cruising. Stuck on a boat. All that food. Not being able to spend that much time in one place. All that togetherness. I, for one, don’t understand it. Disney Cruise Line has (by far) the best customer service treatment of any vacation I have ever been on — it even surpasses the theme parks. And I love sampling the food. It’s amazing and you can have just as much as you want. I’m sure your waiter will even roll you back to your room if you’d like. (They did walk my drinks to my table a few times so there is nothing they won’t do.)

For me, maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarian, I just love being on the water. Seeing water everywhere. Sitting on the deck reading and looking at the ocean. It’s like sailing out in this big hotel with bonus stops that boast palm trees and clear, sparkling water ready to swim in. After a day-long jaunt, you head back to the boat, watch yourself slide away from land, and you are back on the water.; disney cruise from manhattan june 2012

One of the times I’ll always remember from my early Disney Cruise vacations with my family was sitting on the deck alone, scribbling in my journal and looking up only to realize I could not see where the sky ended and the water began. It was just pitch black out there. And maybe that sounds scary to some people, but it was peaceful to me. Like we were floating in the sky with the brightest stars above.

See? These are the things that aren’t mapped out in your navigator or you have to sign up for at the port adventures desk.

Another highlight is a brilliant sun dipping into the ocean after a long day. Coincidentally, the only sunset we sat down to watch on this recent trip was the final night of our cruise… which is exactly what happened to us last year on our honeymoon. Sunkissed and feeling a bit bittersweet about returning home after another amazing time, we sat on the cushioned reclining chairs on Deck Four, outside of our restaurant and just watched.; disney cruise from manhattan june 2012

Here’s hoping you enjoy all of what’s around you this weekend…

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