Muppet Monday: Paul Williams — Man or Muppet?

Greetings! Welcome to another Muppet Monday!

This weekend, James and I finally resumed our viewing of The Muppet Show: Season 1 (we’ve been really slow about it… really slow) and were entertained by an episode guest starring Paul Williams, co-writer of “The Rainbow Connection”. (We also saw him at Jim Henson’s Musical World at Carnegie Hall a few months ago.) 

paul williams muppets

The episode is from 1976 and it’s funny how Kermit is constantly making fun of how short Paul Williams is. I did think he bore some resemblance to Truman Capote (who is actually mentioned later in the episode).

In one spot, Williams sings “An Old Fashioned Love Song”.  Not only does he sound a little like Elton John but there’s an appearance by a certain Muppet or two who look just like Williams. It made me think of the “Man or Muppet?” scene from the recent movie.

Could it have been the original inspiration?

If you look closely, can you spot any other familiar felt faces?

Paul Williams seemed like a game guest star. He got along swimmingly with the Muppets, even when he was the butt of many of the jokes. (Darn that Kermit!) There’s an especially funny skit with Williams working in a travel agency.

He actually popped up in the news recently due to a documentary made about him and his “disappearance” from the spotlight. Here’s an article from ABC about what he’s been up to. 

paul williams muppets

(Picture Source … Muppet Wiki)

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