Disney Cruise Line: That Old Magic

It could be said that Disney Cruise Line’s Magic ship is the “Disneyland” of their cruise ship endeavors.

Since the ship’s maiden voyage in 1998, the company has introduced 3 other ships: the Wonder, the Dream, and the Fantasy.

Strangely enough, my four cruises have always been on the Magic. So I’ve pretty much christened it “my” ship. Before my honeymoon last year and the recent NYC to Bahamas trip, I took two other vacations with my parents on the Magic. The first time we took a 4-day and on the second go-round, we opted for the 7-day because the 4-day wasn’t long enough. (After the 7-day, you realize no amount of time is ever enough when you are extremely pampered every single day of your vacation.)

Excuse my nostalgia for a moment. But sometimes it’s downright strange to me now to be in the same exact place I hung out as a teenager starting high school or right before I was off to college. It’s hard to believe I’m married and own a house. I’m old! But at the same time, it’s comforting to return to the same place I saw as a kid. And I remember funny things like how my sister and I got our hair braided on Castaway Cay and it hurt so much I had tears streaming down my cheeks and I vowed to never do it again. Or how our waiters on our first cruise always had a virgin banana and coconut frozen drink waiting for me, and brought my sister escargot from whatever restaurant that was serving it just because it was her favorite.

thishappyplaceblog.com; Disney Cruise Line's Magic
Some beautiful shots from 2002.

And while things have been plussed to the max on the sparkley and massive Dream and Fantasy, something has got to be said for the smaller crowds on the Magic. (In fact, even our server said he preferred the smaller ship to the newer ones. It wasn’t as personal as an experience.) Or how about the knowledge that the Magic was the one that started it all?

During our trip, I couldn’t help wonder if anyone would ever look at the Magic like people look at Disneyland or Magic Kingdom. THE FIRST. THE HISTORY. While I can pretty much guarantee the fandom for the Disney Cruise Line ships will never reach that same amount of loyalty or passion people feel for those particular theme parks, a small part of me hopes that DCL’s Magic gets more and more love as the years go on.

While I’m super excited for James and I to embark on a new adventure next July as we travel on the Fantasy, I know a part of me will miss the familiarity and the coziness of the Magic.

thishappyplaceblog.com; disney cruise line's magic
Hello 2012. Crusing from NYC to Bahamas on DCL Magic.

No matter what it’ll always be my first love.

4 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line: That Old Magic

  1. Hey Estelle!

    It’s Katie (Magan’s neighbor)…I love your point of view on the Magic! We were supposed to go on the Dream in December but decided not to because of iffy weather in the Bahamas (and because it was only 3 days and I knoww that’s not enough)…so we’re going to Disneyworld for a week…can’t complain!! The Magic goes out of Galveston for a couple months out of the year and I didn’t want to go on it because I wanted to go on one of their new sparkly boats but reading this post makes me want to go! I’ll be interested to hear how your voyage on the Fantasy compares!!

    Love that you love Disney too!!


  2. I went on the Magic first and have also been on the Wonder, but not the newer ships. We want to go again, but I have heard about how the Fantasy and Dream are so crowded. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming trip!

    1. Marcia, thanks so much for stopping in and commenting! I’m curious about the Wonder. Did you see any major differences? I doubt I’ll ever get on that ship because it’s never on the East Coast! I’m curious just how crowded the other ships are because there are so many people who just LOVE them. I guess it’s all trial and error. Hope to see you around the blog again!

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