Magic in Manhattan: Lovely Lobby Details

Thanks to Jeremy at Spins the World for enlightening me: the Magic took its official first spin on July 30, 1998 and two days later, the first guests hit the sand and the water on the gorgeous Castaway Cay.

I wanted to celebrate by sharing a few of the pictures I snapped during a late night on the ship during our recent trip. James and I just just caught a showing of The Avengers and decided to take a late jaunt around. Here’s a tip: for the best pictures with the smallest crowds stay up late one night and walk around. You’ll run into a few cast members vacuuming and some teenagers hanging out but it’s pretty much a ghost town.

I’m actually lying… I snapped this while we were anxiously checking out email and waiting to get on the Magical Express to Walt Disney World. This gorgeous rainbow-colored chandelier was designed by Dale Chihuy and is made of glass and acrylic. (It also moves back and forth with the movement of the ship.)

Just like in every other one of its endeavors, Disney manages to pay homage to their history and also pay close attention to even the smallest of details on the ship.

Just take a look at this staircase:

Disney Cruise Line's Magic --

Some familiar faces take shape in this subtle staircase design. I’m definitely going to have to add this to my wish list for my future home!

Even the border of the room boasts beauty and whimsy. The fab five + Clarabelle Cow seem to be participating in random activities around the ship:

Mickey, of course, is the host with the most(ess). Pluto is a lifeguard. Clarabelle is pumping some iron. Minnie is cooking up a storm (hopefully some cream puffs?) and Goofy is sightseeing. Donald is pulling a rope… which makes me think of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. That can’t be right…

And finally we end with a simple detail, the red carpet, leading down to the bronze statue of Mickey… or in my case, my prince charming. (I know… gag, right?)

Disney has managed to create a space where kids can be running around, characters can be hanging out, and you can be snapping keepsakes in your formal finest while sipping that fine martini. Just another example of how they can collage so many interests and types of personalities in one.

Happy Birthday Magic!

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