Muppet Monday: Oh So Pretty

Happy Muppet Monday!

Last October, I compiled a post of West Side Story references in The Muppet Show, and even one in Toy Story 3. 

west side story

After watching a few more episodes of The Muppet Show last weekend, I discovered yet another one.

This gorgeous Muppet sings “I Feel Pretty” from 1957 musical with music by Leonard Bernstein and, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents, as she gets ready for a date. The song was recently revived on Broadway in 2009 (with the inclusion of Spanish lyrics for a few of the songs including “I Feel Pretty”. Five months after the show opened on Broadway, the lyrics for most of the Spanish songs were changed back to the English [except for the Sharks singing “Tonight”].)

The Muppet Show, Episode 109:

West Side Story film w/Natalie Wood (1961)

Fun fact: Natalie’s singing was actually dubbed by Marni Nixon.

West Side Story Broadway revival w/Spanish lyrics

I love this song because it so perfectly captures that excitement we feel when we meet someone new and how much their interest gives a significant confidence boost. (Plus her girlfriends make fun of Maria getting so enthused about Tony.)

It’s always a treat to see just how the Muppets can breathe new life into these well-known tunes.

This particular skit is not limited to screen time on The Muppet Show, but was also seen on The Ed Sullivan Show and Sesame Street — with different Muppets taking the lead role.

Here’s hoping you feel fizzy, funny, and fine on this Monday!

3 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Oh So Pretty

  1. I vividly remember this one — one of my all time favorite Muppet Show pieces! It’s a great echo of the kinds of surreal skits Henson would do for talk-show appearances before the Muppets got their own show!

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