An EPCOT Etsy Discovery

One of my favorite blog stops is Her New Leaf,  by the lovely Kira, who features lovely handmade products as well as many helpful blogging techniques that I flock to like a Dear Abby column.

In July, Kira featured a bunch of handmade products themed under “Happy Camper” and I discovered some rubber stamps and after perusing the Extase etsy shop, I found a stamp that looked just like Spaceship Earth.

Handmade Rubber Stamp -- Etsy

Of course, I had to buy it. I mean, it looked like SPACESHIP EARTH. Indeed I could find plenty of uses for it… right? (I also bought stamps that looked like a retro cassette tape and a peacock feather.)
But tell me the truth — doesn’t it remind you of the retro EPCOT logos?

retro epcot

So I got an early start on Epcot’s birthday card…

Handmade Rubber Stamp -- Disney DIY card

How cute is this shop’s packaging? So incredibly professional and quirky!

And the almost-finished product:

Handmade Rubber Stamp from etsy - Disney DIY

…well maybe I still have a little bit of work to do. But it’s a start…

Now spill the beans… did you ever justify a purchase because it reminded you of something Disney related?

3 thoughts on “An EPCOT Etsy Discovery

  1. I have justified soooo many purchases that way! My husband’s favorite is when I say I need something for “research” for my blog. Love the Epcot card by the way. Now I think I need that stamp. You know, for research. 🙂

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