Household Fast Pass

Sometimes missing things makes you go a little crazy.

Case in point: The husband and I spent a leisurely Sunday watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family (yet again) and all of a sudden, I was sitting in an ottoman.

I was only drinking ice tea.

So basically, we were bored and I’ve been missing WDW so bad lately. (Hearing Epcot entrance tune is enough to make me teary, which is not good. My next definite trip to Disney is booked for next July.)

This Happy Place Blog -- Teleportation

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought… wouldn’t it be great if I could just teleport to WDW whenever I want to?


In a perfect world… in our home… this is how I think it could happen.

the ottoman.

This Happy Place Blog -- Teleportation

Looks pretty ordinary right?

This Happy Place Blog -- Teleportation

1. Don’t forget your Mickey ears. 2. No one said teleportation came without fear.

the crock pot.

This Happy Place Blog -- Teleportation

Okay, okay. Obviously I can’t FIT in theΒ crock pot. We decided this option is more like a portkey. In Harry Potter terms, it’s an item you grab on to and it transports you to a certain location.

the closet.

This Happy Place Blog -- Teleportation

A few things about this closet. It’s in our guest room, which means… we hardly use it. There’s also no rack for clothing because this is also our only entrance into our attic. And at some point, in the three years we’ve been living in this house, we totally lost that rack anyway. So mysterious, isn’t it? It would only make sense that this was another way to teleport to Disney.

This Happy Place Blog -- Teleportation

Let’s be honest here… I look totally possessed in this picture. (Thanks red eye!) It has to mean that this is a LIVE teleportation spot.

So. That’s all we got. Believe me, we thought it through.

Either you think I’m totally crazy or on to something…

…I’ll let you think about it.

10 thoughts on “Household Fast Pass

  1. Great ideas….can u transport from your closet to the Boardwalk closet? You and James can sleep in it, it is ridiculously large. Hah.

  2. I thought my husband and I were the only ones that had conversations like this. So happy to know we’re not alone. πŸ™‚

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