Escape to Serenity Bay

the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil.

With summer drawing to an unofficial close this weekend, I can’t help but think about our vacation on the Disney Cruise earlier this summer and our stop at Castaway Cay.

There’s a ton to love about Castaway:

  • It’s gorgeous.
  • You can eat as much food as you want. (They have soft serve ice cream and cookies!)
  • Shopping! (And no need for cash, all you need is your room key.)
  • Beaches designated for kids, families, and adults.
  • The amazing bike riding trails.

Having Castaway Cay, a private island maintained by Disney, on the itinerary is just another reason why Disney Cruise offers just a little bit more to their guests. You’re hanging out with people you’ve seen on the ship the whole time, and the only thing you have to worry about is getting back to the ship on time.

On our past two trips, James and I have taken a nice bike ride around the island and settled for many hours at Serenity Bay, the area designated for guests 18 and over. Couples without kids are probably least represented on Disney cruises because a lot of the time there aren’t many people enjoying the clear, calm waters of the bay.

In fact, the beach pretty much feels like a private getaway.

Gee. Do I miss it.

Serenity Bay, Castaway Cay, This Happy Place Blog, Disney Cruise
Yes, that’s me.

It’s almost a tradition — halfway through the day — for a sandbar to appear far from the shore. We swim all the way out there and last year, wrote our names on the sand. (It was our honeymoon so it seemed customary.) The silver fish darting to and fro. There was the occasional starfish. (Even the shrieks when someone spotted a stingray!)

Serenity Bay, Castaway Cay, This Happy Place Blog, Disney Cruise Line
See those people on the right?

On this Wednesday, I’m ready to grab a margarita on the rocks and sit back with my feet resting in some water. Chat with a few people from our dinner table, stick my nose in a book (what else is new), and pretend like this small piece of island is really just for us.

Serenity Bay, Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line, This Happy Place Blog
“I think we’re alone now…”

…Anyone care to join me?

5 thoughts on “Escape to Serenity Bay

  1. I think this is the part of our cruise that I am most looking forward to. I love your photos, I’ll join you there any time. 🙂

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