Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Dapper Day Dreamin’

For a gal who prefers skirts and dresses to pants (even in the winter), Dapper Day is my own dream come true. Getting dressed up for an evening in the parks? Sounds like a blast to me! I’ll be honest… ever since I ditched my oversized t-shirt phase, I’m pretty conscious of my clothing choices when frolicking around the parks these days. (Hey, I like to make a good impression on Mickey when I see him, okay?)

But the idea of a whole group joining in? It’s certainly a special occasion!

So with Dapper Day coming up at both Disneyland (September 7) and Walt Disney World (September 8), This Happy Place Blog is going to countdown to this event in style.

Welcome to Under the (Theme Park) Lights, a week-long series featuring a variety of bloggers who have pieced together an ensemble for a real Dapper Day visit or the possibility of one in the future.

Basically, it’s going to be an entire week of staring at oh-la-la fancy outfits. (But without buying them — you hear that wallet?)

I stressed over my imaginerary Dapper Day outfit more than I did over my prom dress. I mean, you don’t want to be the girl who flashes the little kids on Space Mountain (or in this case Rock N Roller Coaster) because your skirt is too short, and what about your shoes? You can’t wear suede! What if it rains?

Have no fear… after looking at a ton of dresses and making myself crazy, I finally made some (fake) decisions:


Dapper Day Dreaming


This isn’t the most cost-effective outfit I’ve ever put together, but I figured I would wear most of it more than once, which is just about all I can ask these days. The dress is bright and much fancier than anything I’ve worn to the parks before. Plus it’s flowy and comfortable.

I originally wanted to go for a red heel and red lip stain, but I decided to take a less traveled route and wear some pink (one of my favorite colors!). The mini-heel on the shoes is perfect for me. I do well wearing heels for long periods of time but this one would be more condusive to walking, standing around, and going back and forth on attractions. Add in some whimsy accessories (nothing too big or clunky) and a clutch that holds your phone, park ticket, and some cash.

Voila! You are all primped for a wonderful evening.

Now all I need is a martini and some 1930s Hollywood background music…

I can’t wait to share the rest of the series with you!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DAPPER DAY | website | facebook | twitter 

5 thoughts on “Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Dapper Day Dreamin’

  1. Love this blog!! I’ve never read it before, and still really haven’t, honestly I’ve only read the first post. But, Disney and cute clothes COME ON NOW! Totally my kind of blog!!! Anyway, I’m looking around the page and don’t see a way to subscribe to it, is there a way to? THanks!

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