Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Tale as Old as Time…

I’ve never actually watched an episode of Mad Men, but I’ve seen enough commercials to wish that working in an office (which I do) would look as glamorous as it does on the show (which it doesn’t). In that same regard, I have never been to a Dapper Day event at the Disney Parks, but it is definitely on my to-do list! When it comes to what I would wear on such an occasion, I immediately wondered, “What would Belle wear, if she was a sassy secretary of the 1950s?”

But then I realized, I would have to also wear this ensemble myself so after a few choice changes, I came up with this outfit.

Dapper Day: Belle


I mirrored this look after her famous yellow ball gown despite being a bit shaky on whether or not I can even pull off this shade of yellow. (But hey, this is a dream right?) I just loved the crisscross of the top and the cute sleeves! To add a bit more of a Belle feel to the dress, I found a cute rose ring so if you were a Disney fan, you’d know which Princess I was emulating. Also for an elegant touch, I added a hat which I call the “Kentucky Derby Hat” and while I am sure they do have a proper name, that is what they remind me of! Now this is where Belle ends and I begin. To beat the heat, I added fun heart sunglasses! Also, if you knew me, you’d know that I do not wear heels. My feet were not made for them AT ALL. So instead, I decided on red Chuck Taylors which is not a far stretch from the grey ones I wear with all my work dresses now…. They are comfy, what can I tell ya?

So let me just grab my purse (which will undoubtedly hold a little chipped tea cup!) and I am ready to tour Walt Disney World in style!

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5 thoughts on “Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Tale as Old as Time…

  1. Okay, as a guy who spends zero seconds a day thinking about clothes, I’m really in awe of people who can bring that much fun, thought and creativity to something like this! Naive question: are hats generally that expensive?

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