Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Twice as Nice

I’m incredibly excited to be one of the guest posters for this special series on This Happy Place. It’s always been fun for me to dress up, and it’s even cooler that I get to pick out an outfit for a special occasion like Dapper Day! Though I’d never heard of Dapper Day before I met Estelle, it sounds like something I’d love to do for real… and maybe that will happen someday! For now, I can be content with imagining exactly how I’d choose to dress.

There were two things I knew I definitely wanted to incorporate into my outfit – a 20s style dress and a poodle skirt. It is, of course, a wee bit difficult to combine them and so, I ended up creating two different outfits for my Dapper Day wardrobe. I’d start the day off wearing the more casual one, and find time to change my outfit as the evening starts to creep in; that way, I get to wear everything!

Dapper Day 2012 - Casual
Dapper Day 2012 - Dressy

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DAPPER DAY | website | twitter | facebook

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