Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Merely a Pipe Dream

Classic with hints of colour and super expensive, this is my dream Dapper Day set.

dapper day
dapper day by kafka featuring a tweed cape

Valentino sheer cocktail dress / Carven tweed cape / Repetto leather flat / Karen Walker Eyewear black eyewear


To keep with tradition of finding a song for every occasion, Estelle asked me to pick one that goes with my Dapper Day choices.

This song makes me feel so fancy, like I should be slinking around drinking cocktails.

G-Swing: Heartbreaker

FOR MORE INFO ON DAPPER DAY | website | facebook | twitter

2 thoughts on “Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Merely a Pipe Dream

  1. Just wanted to let you know Estelle (and all the guest bloggers), that I am LOVING this feature so, so, so much. I adore fashion (was considering majoring in fashion design for a period of time). Also, I’ve never heard of Dapper Day before now, but I am totally planning a trip around that someday! Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for all the pretty outfits this week. 🙂

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