Muppet Monday: Good Clean Fun

There’s one thing you have to love about the Muppets (if you don’t already love almost everything about them.)

A frog, a bear, a pig, and who-knows-what can be a star.

Even this guy: 

walter muppet

And so can your cleaning products:

The Muppet mops are singing a rendition of The Ames Brothers’ song “Rag Mop” from 1950. The Ames Brothers were a quartet of four brothers, and hey the Chipmunks even sang this song but I couldn’t even get through the first few seconds so I decided not to post it here. (Sorry Alvin!)

If you haven’t checked out season 1 of The Muppet Show yet, you should! Because you’ll find this skit in Episode 111 with special guest star Lena Horne. (It’s a real good one if you like Miss Piggy diva drama!)

Wishing you all a relaxing Labor Day!

And watch out of those inanimate objects in the house… you never know when they’ll break out into a song and dance.

(Picture from Muppet Wika)

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