Under the (Theme Park) Lights: A Very Important Date

When I was approached with the idea of doing this guest blog post I was so excited. Who doesn’t love the thought of Dapper Day? Dressing up, mint julep in hand, and prancing around New Orleans Square? Don’t mind if I do! What a dream! Well I guess I wished upon a shooting star or something of the sort because while researching what I would write and craving the idea bug to come bite me like a summer mosquito I uncovered a dream come true. I will be in Disneyland for the actual Dapper Day!

Well I’ll be. (Your crying shoulder…)

I digress.

Then I found myself stumped even more. What will I wear to the actual Dapper Day? It is one thing to dream up whimsical ball gowns but when it is 95 degrees at 10pm and you are wandering around Adventureland you are going to need something more practical.

My inspiration is Alice in Wonderland’s blue. Because who doesn’t love Alice?

I love the neutral and teal blue of this look. The accessories are fantastic, yet understated, and gold is my new favorite above my old standard of silver. I included two pairs of shoes, one practical, and one for the nighttime activities. The actual Dapper Day at Disneyland includes events in the park (wear your flats) and then at Trader Sam’s (change into the heels or wedges).

The inspiration board is one thing, but I’m not going to leave you hanging. It’s time to find actual and AFFORDABLE pieces to complete this look.

The dress from Old Navy at around $25!

The two shoe options (both under $20) from Old Navy as well. By the way, these “wing-tipped” flats. I DIE.I really actually purchased them.

For the accessories I found these earrings and this belt from Old Navy. Can you see the little blue beads on the belt? Perfection! I added that piece as I didn’t find a hat to my liking and I wanted something else to complete the look. The earrings? $7!

On a bracelet hunt I went to my standard of shopping at Bauble Bar. Do you shop here yet? Oh my. It is so affordable and has amazingly fast shipping. Here is a link to an invite! http://baublebar.com/index.php/rewardsref/index/refer/id/83351/

This bracelet has more blue than I was expecting but with the subtle blue in the belt and earrings I feel like this is a winner!

Last but not least the sunglasses, which I guess you really wouldn’t need since the activities are at night, but oh well. Perhaps you are also wearing this outfit to a Café Orleans lunch?

This whole outfit will probably cost you less than $100 and the accessories and shoes you can wear with so much! I love bargain shopping to find amazing pieces. So what will you wear to Dapper Day? Tell me by tweeting @kidanikatie, shout on my Instagram @kidanikatie there too, or visit my site www.kidanikatie.com and leave a comment there! xoxo

FOR MORE INFO ON DAPPER DAY | website | facebook | twitter

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