Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Once Upon a Thrift

Under the (themepark) lights -- a Dapper Day inspiration series
Hello! I’m Katie from Latte Love and my fashion spin-off, Latte Loves Style.

For my perfect Dapper Day ensemble, I got inspired by vintage silhouettes and some of my favorite Disney characters (Wendy and Belle). This outfit is all about girly bows and primary colors. But since I’d never wear something to Disney that I couldn’t enjoy all my favorite rides in, the skirt is soft and stretchy and the shoes are comfortable for a night spent walking around the happiest place on earth.

Disney Dapper Day post

However, since I’m not in market for buying any of those items now, I also put together a realistic outfit from pieces currently in my closet that I’d wear if I were heading to Dapper Day this week. It has the same silhouette with the peplum top and pencil skirt, but this one is Minnie Mouse-inspired: black, white, and red polka dots.

Latte Loves Style in her Dapper Day inspiration outfit.

blouse: thrifted (similar)
skirt: Forever21
belt: Banana Republic outlet
oxford pumps: thrifted (similar)

FOR MORE INFO ON DAPPER DAY | website | facebook | twitter

Don”t forget to stop by the Dapper Day giveaway hosted at Mouse on the Mind!

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