Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Hipster How To

This Happy Place Blog's Dapper Day series -- Under the (Theme Parks) Lights

Note from Estelle: I can always trust my Disney Hipster pals to be awesome.

But even when I asked them to be the GRAND FINALE of this Dapper Day series… I never expected this kind of genius.

Watch and learn:

I don’t know about you but I’m about to buy my husband a few bow-ties…

Thanks to Disney Hipsters for taking the time to put together this video!

Look for a round-up of the entire series tomorrow; hope those people in Disneyland have a great time participating in Dapper Day tonight! The same for those in WDW tomorrow!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DAPPER DAY | website | facebook | twitter

Have you entered Mouse on the Mind’s Dapper Day giveaway? You should!

5 thoughts on “Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Hipster How To

  1. This is hilarious! Sadly, I break most of those rules every trip….I’m all about comfort over fashion. Sorry, guys! But, you do look quite dapper, and if I ever hit a Dapper Day in one of the parks, I’ll definately class it up a bit in your honor lol

  2. I love the Disney Hipster blog & podcast. I also am a big fan of Andrew- who usually has insightful commentary. But I can’t take his advice on how to dress in the park. I’d totally do it for dapper day- but never for a normal park visit. As an overweight man who sweats (A LOT) I’m not going to wear a cardigan or button up shirt, and never a tie in 90 degree heat. And you don’t want to see me in fitted shorts. Trust me. Sorry guys! I do wear glasses though. 🙂

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