Muppet Monday: Walter & His Summer Vacation

Last week, after writing Good Clean Fun, I couldn’t help but think about little Walter and what he was up to… almost a year since his life has undoubtably changed because of his Muppets fame.

Does he have a girlfriend? Is he gearing up for a role in the next Muppet film? I think Walter needs to start a blog, don’t you?

I’m not a close and personal friend of Walter (but hey I will be if he emailed me!), but here’s what I think he’s been up to the last few months:

1. Whistling lessons.

walter muppet whistling

We found our that whistling was Walter’s hidden talent, and he’s a smart guy… he knows he can only get better. With all the new musicals out this year, maybe he’s learning a little Bring it On or Chaplin the musical, or gearing up for the classic revival of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

2. Helping Gary plan a wedding.

Sure it might take Gary another 5 years to finally get to the altar, but Walter was there every step of the way helping Gary choose a new suit, and perhaps write a song for his and Mary’s wedding ceremony.

gary mary muppets movie

3. A road trip.

We all know that Walter is a big fan of Tough Pigs blog, and I’m pretty sure he would have taken advantage of his free time and followed their Muppet road trip… starting in New York, continuing through Middle America, and finishing up in Los Angeles. Of course, he could take his time because he was traveling by map.

4. Keeping up with the crew.

While Kermit has been in New York and London and who-knows-where-else, Walter has kept in touch with everyone writing postcards and using Skype. He’s been rewatching all seasons of The Muppet Show for inspiration for this big adventure and keeping the crew in great spirits!

5. Answering fan mail.

I’m pretty sure he’s gotten at least 1000 wedding proposals, a bunch of requests for birthday parties and school visits, and also a ton of free gifts. (Muppet t-shirts and watches galore!) And Walter, being the nice guy he is, has been handwriting every. single. response. He just loves all his friends.

I wasn’t going to mention number 6. But hey, we have no secrets around here.

6. Working…err visiting with Miss Piggy.

One day, pretty unexpectedly, Miss Piggy sent Walter a quick email, saying she was hoping we would come to visit her and Kermit in Paris before she moved permanately. Walter was pretty psyched and flew to Paris… only to find out that he was actually going to be Miss Piggy’s “intern” because the first seven quit… we all know how that probably turned out.

Do you guys miss Walter? What do you think he’s been up to?

2 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Walter & His Summer Vacation

  1. I think The Electric Mayhem was so inspired by Walter’s performance that they enlisted his help in developing a new 21st-century prog-rock sound. Over the summer, they all laid down tracks for a an epic art-rock concept album called “Please Buy This Concept Album.” Recently released, only one track seems to be selling on iTunes: Walter’s 8-minute long solo whistling Alan Menken tribute, which the Mayhem intended to be the album’s ironic-contrast novelty piece.

    Walter apparently feels so guilty that he’s given the Electric Mayhem all of his share of the royalties.

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