Muppet Monday: When Grass Was Green

Lately, James and I have been flying through episodes of Season 1 of  “The Muppet Show”.  It’s about time… I think we’ve been watching this DVD for about 2 years and thanks to the kindness of a lovely person I have season two and three to look forward to soon!

I just had to feature this particular song sometime this month… just because it talks about September. (Nothing complex about the association this time, folks!)

The song is “Try to Remember” and it was written by Tom Jones for the musical, The Fantasticks (which is still playing off-Broadway here in New York City.) Singing this sweet song with a very pensive Kermit is Sandy Duncan, who is by far one of the most energetic guests I have yet to see on “The Muppet Show”. I absolutely loved her spunk and her enthusiasm. (Though you don’t see it much here.)

Also, keep an eye out for George the Janitor in the above video — I love that guy!

Episode 114 as a whole is pretty great. I think, at this point, you can feel the whole show really coming together.

This isn’t the last time I want to talk about Sandy… but as a Broadway fanatic I can’t finish this without mentioning her Tony nomination for her role as Peter in the revival of Peter Pan in 1980.

This song is called “Never Never Land”.

For those of you who are fans of The Fox and the Hound, Sandy also voiced the character of Vixey.

One thought on “Muppet Monday: When Grass Was Green

  1. Wow, wow…wow. Monday’s off to a great start! 🙂 Thank you for this!!! Two of my favorite songs. I just found out Jerry Orbach originally sang “Try to Remember” in the original version of the stage show! (Disney connections everywhere!)

    And I love Sandy Duncan. Her scene with Kermit here is so effortlessly sweet. I always enjoy seeing which assortment of Muppets shows up in those background groups!

    I saw Sandy play Peter Pan when the show toured CA. She was amazing. Capt. Hook was played by Christopher Hewitt (Mr. Belvedere). I love the song “Never Never Land,” and she knocked it out of the park, both then and in this clip.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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