Background Music Loops: Animal Kingdom Lodge

Hello friends! It’s a rainy day in New York City and the one thing getting me through the day is Background Loop Tuesday on Magical Mouse Radio. I listen pretty religiously every week, and one of my favorite tunes just popped up. I’ve been meaning to share it with you for awhile, but for some reason today seems like the perfect time. It’s relaxing and soothing and the perfect melody to get you through the work week.

animal kingdom lodge

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom Lodge! (You may recall it is a favorite of The Disney Hipsters.) While I’ve never stayed there, I have enjoyed the ambiance on many occasions for dinner and for DVC pool hopping. (My mom still talks about the great bathrooms they have near the pool.)

I don’t remember much about the background music (I wasn’t that into it then) but I have recently discovered “Having a Good Time” by Samite, an African musician (who apparently makes his home in New York now). The song is part of an album inspired by Samite’s return to Africa after 10 years of living in the United States as a political refugee.

It makes me feel so comforted and calm. Take a listen:

Isn’t it wonderful? His voice is so smooth; it blends right into the orchestration and I can hardly tell which is which. But the emotion is so rich. Samite is known for using the kalimba, a thumb piano, in his music. Here’s a picture of one:


He’s also co-founder of Musicians for World Harmony, a charity that works to introduce music to African orphans.

Again, Disney triumphs when it comes to piecing together even the smallest of details. This song enhances the cultural influence of Animal Kingdom Lodge, giving guests an authentic experience while still making them feel welcome and right at home.

For more info about Samite, check out his website and information on his charity.

(DisZine photo)

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