Muppet Monday: Aren’t You Having a Great Time?

Even after watching episode after episode of The Muppet Show, it took me awhile to realize that the show is made up entirely of Muppets. Not just Kermit, Piggy, and all those familar faces. But big Muppets, scary Muppets, Muppets with balloon heads, mops as Muppets and more.

But where are the people?

Well, the “people” are the guest stars.

So I thought it was really comical when, 10 episodes into the first season, TV actor Harvey Korman was the first one to realize that he was in the minority and… (gasp!) not a Muppet.

During Kermit’s routine interview with the guest star (that, as you can imagine, never goes as planned), Harvey is forced to tell Kermit the truth about his experience on the show. He just can’t lie.

…as always, the Muppets just want to make their “token human” feel right at home. They do some quick work!

If you’re curious to see if Harvey liked his makeover, here’s the follow up sketchΒ (start at :59).

As for me, I’m open to becoming a Muppet of any kind, as long as I get to dance with Rowlf.

How about you?

Fun fact: Mostly known for his work on The Carol Burnett Show, Harvey was the voice of the Dictabird in 1994’s The Flintstones! (I just watched that movie recently, and was strangely enchanted by the whole thing… which is why this is interesting to me.)

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3 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Aren’t You Having a Great Time?

  1. I love Muppet Mondays! Harvey Korman was awesome, and this is a great episode. Good grief, the comedian’s a bear!

    If I could be a Muppet, I’d want to be Thog or Traveling Matt. πŸ™‚

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