Steel Can Jam: Animal Kingdom

Hey, it’s Friday!

I bring up music a lot on the blog, and I was listening to park audio yesterday (shocker!) and some steel drum band tunes came on and I thought… how lovely it would be to share a little music on the blog on a FRIDAY. A little secret: James and I really wanted either a steel drum band or a mariachi band to play at the cocktail hour at our wedding. But sadly, I thought March was a weird time for a steel drum band and mariachi was expensive… so we hired a Spanish guitarist instead who was wonderful (and played the Muppets!).

Still, I dream about a future vow renewal or any excuse to throw a party incorporating one of our original music plans.

Anyway, one of my favorite stops for park entertainment was the steel drum band in Animal Kingdom, near Theater in the Wild in Dinoland U.S.A. (the home to Finding Nemo: the Musical). Sadly, The Tropicals left the park in the fall of 2011 after entertaining folks since 2005.

Here are a few videos to get you in the island spirit for the weekend.

Anyone ready for a dip in the ocean or a sip of a frozen margarita?

I thought so!

The Tropicals steel drum band is just another example of how the little things enhance the Disney theme park experience by a thousand percent!

…most especially for visitors like Alex who hung out with the band and played a Disney tune! (He’s quite good!)

Does anyone know if another steel drum band has taken position in Dinoland since The Tropicals left? It seems the Island Groove steel drum band took part in June’s Sundowner Celebration this past summer but, as far as I can tell, there’s a lack of a tropical serenade happening in Animal Kingdom.

If you know otherwise, please share!

Until next time…

Don’t forget to check out The Tropicals over on iTunes!

4 thoughts on “Steel Can Jam: Animal Kingdom

  1. Best version of “Girl from Ipanema” ever!!! Don’t you wish you could just tell all those people rushing past to stop and listen for a minute? These guys were great.

    1. Rich, I totally had the same thought when I was watching this videos during my “research”. I really hope there were some viewers standing out of the walkway and enjoying these guys. So so so amazing!

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