Muppet Monday: Happy Colum-bears Day!

On Saturday night, after a long day, James and I came home to find The Muppets on TV. You know you love a movie when you still settle down to watch the whole thing even though you own it. (Except in our case, our copy is packed in a box as we get ready to move so it wouldn’t be able to track down anyway.)

Anyway, our viewing of the movie made me think a little about bears.

When you think about the Muppets and bears, you automatically think Fozzie right?

But I was utterly distracted by the appearances of Bobo the Bear.


Bobo the Bear in The Muppets Movie

In The Muppets, Bobo plays one of Tex Richman’s right hand men, as well as a suitable fencing partner. He actually had a similar role in Muppets in Space. And I still remember him as Nathan Lane’s assistant in Letters to Santa (which I’ve only seen once).

Not only is he a cuddly bear but he has great one-liners and is an all-around good guy (who somehow always gets stuck working for the wrong people).

I think the Muppet writers do a great job with him. It would be easy for his humor to be overused but it’s subtle and quick, and he manages to diffuse the “serious” moments.

While Bobo made his first appearance in a scene with Fozzie in Muppets Take Manhattan, he spent a lot of time on Muppets Tonight! in the 90s.

I mean, he even auditioned for Star Wars, friends!

He’s also a pretty snazzy back up dancer.

I always like those Muppets that mostly stand in the background but still make an impression. Bobo, you have a new fan in me. Here’s hoping we see you in some upcoming Muppet features!

2 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Happy Colum-bears Day!

    1. I agree with you! I watched the first episode on YouTube a few weeks ago, and the pacing was a little slow though compared to the Muppet show. I think they should revive it once again with the success of the movie but we shall see.

      Glad you are a Bobo fan too!

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