Pull My Arm: Epcot 2007

When I was combing through my photo albums last week for my Epcot through the years post, I remembered that my family and I had visited the park the summer they had started to dissemble Mickey’s arm from Spaceship Earth. (That sounds so painful!)

Epcot 2004 -- This Happy Place Blog

I think at this point in our vacations I realized we could really chronicle the change going on in WDW because we were seeing it every year, and though subtle, change was happening.

Epcot 2000 is very vivid in my mind. I was older so I automatically remembered more, we hung out in Millennium Village, saw Tapestry of Nations a bunch of times, and like I said last weekend, my family has two squares on those Leave a Legacy mountains. This is probably why it makes me sad when people want them demolished. It was a very cool day when we took those photos, and even more so, when we can come back year after year and see our faces.

Back to the “arm”. I never had much of an opinion on it. I always thought Spaceship Earth was a gem on its own, and I remember thinking it was exciting we got to see the arm come down piece by piece that summer. I never realized it was such a huge deal amongst the community until a couple years ago.

The arm first went up in 2000 in celebration of the new millennium and was later changed to fit in the campaign for Walt Disney’s 100th birthday. Seven years later, it was announced that the arm would be removed in time for Epcot’s 25th anniversary. (It is mentioned in quite a few places that new sponsor Siemens didn’t feel the wand fit with their corporate look but I can’t find any cited quotes or info on that.)

Did you know the wand tower was actually the tallest structure on Walt Disney World until it was taken down?

Here are a few shots I took during our 2-week vacation in August 2007.

Epcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wandEpcot 2007 -- dismantling of Mickey wand

(In case you want to catch some earlier shots of them taking down the EPCOT portion, look at these!)

I don’t know about you… I’m more for the classic look and I don’t think Disney needs to add cartoon-y accessories to their landmarks to make them more “family friendly” or better for merchandising opportunities.

Simple, clean, and unique should be their focus.

Now if only we can do something about that hat in Hollywood Studios…

4 thoughts on “Pull My Arm: Epcot 2007

  1. Very cool! I was actually at EPCOT on Labor Day weekend the same year, and the wand was gone. The deconstruction looks to have been pretty quick. I was so glad to see that ugly thing gone.

  2. I really hope the current management knows enough to leave a classic look alone. Spaceship Earth certainly doesn’t need embellishment — especially with something that doesn’t match the theme or atmosphere of the park at all.

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