Around the (Disney) World: A Brilliant Pink Sky

On Friday night, I enjoyed (finally!) my last evening ride on the train. After seven years of commuting out to Long Island, I was done and it seemed like the sky was celebrating with me. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and I snapped a picture with my phone.

Long Island Railroad sunet

Isn’t it something out of a painting?

Looking through some old Disney trip photos today and I realized… I’m sort of obsessed with this look.

Disney's Boardwalk -- Walt Disney World 2007

Disney's Crescent Lake: 2005

Ah. The BoardWalk area. Not a surprise I’m featuring this spot. I have a bunch of photos like these two, and I think it’s because the sky is so vast and open over here… it’s easy to see the pink. I love how the sunset is reflecting on Crescent Lake in the second photo.

Epcot's World Showcase -- 2007

The top photo of the Mexico pavilion is actually historic! Because now that’s the spot of La Hacienda. I took these while we waited an abnormally long time to see Illuminations (my mom’s request). Again, so many opportunities to watch the sunset around World Showcase Lagoon.

Wilderness Lodge 2008

In October 2008, I was a bridesmaid in a Disney wedding and the rehearsal dinner was held at Whispering Canyon. Afterwards, the bridal party headed to the Magic Kingdom together and I took this picture while we were waiting for the little boat to the castle. I’m not over here a ton so this is a unique picture in my collection.

Epcot's World Showcase 2008

Oh hi, more World Showcase. I’m starting to see that I don’t spend a lot of time in the other parks when the sun is going down but ahh, how lovely is this? I love the whirl of the clothes. Looks like some kind of magic spell is going on up there.

Magic Kingdom view from Bay Lake Tower

This was the ONLY picture I would find of Magic Kingdom. It’s from our honeymoon. James and I had a theme park view at Bay Lake Tower and stayed in one evening to watch the sun set. It’s a paler pink when compared to the other photos but a calm hue against a fantastical landmark.

Disney Cruise Line, Magic

Last but not least a keepsake from our honeymoon cruise. (Also 2011.) As you can imagine the views from the ship are nothing short of breathtaking. I love watching the sun dip into the ocean from a cozy spot on deck. See the sun all tiny in that corner?

Sure, many photogenic moments in the Disney theme parks revolve around meeting some dapper princes and fancy princesses, or a furry forest animal or two. But for me, I love to capture the quieter moments after a long day running from park to park, and meal to meal. A minute or two where nature creates its own little magic.

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4 thoughts on “Around the (Disney) World: A Brilliant Pink Sky

  1. So many gorgeous pictures!! Your lucky to captured so many stunning sunsets in such terrific locations, thanks so much for sharing!

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