Limited Time Magic in New York City (Literally)

Like any Disney fan who misses the theme parks before they even leave, I’m always searching for a little bit of magic in my everyday life. The god-like person in charge of these little miracles must have known I needed a little magic this week because smack dab in the middle of NYC were a few Disney reminders.

Who needs the Food & Wine in Epcot when we have our very own Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog in the middle of Rockefeller Center?

Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog NYC

I didn’t have much time to hang around but the Ocean Spray growers were on hand chatting with tourists and people in suits!

Did you check out Eating WDW’s experience in the bog at the Food & Wine?

So that was Tuesday afternoon, but Wednesday brought some excitement with a new marketing campaign called “Limited Time Magic.” Lame title, right? (My brainstorm was “Mick of Time!” Call me, Disney.) Anyway, I took my new heels to Times Square during my lunch break to check out the ice sculptures sitting smack dab in the middle of the city.

I really didn’t know how long these would last since it was pretty sunny and mild out today.

Limited Time Magic NYC

How much do I love this view? It’s not every day you see Mickey Mouse balloons in the middle of New York. It’s almost like you are on Main Street U.S.A.

Limited Time Magic NYC

…I’m getting closer!

Limited Time Magic NYC

By 1pm, most of the ice sculptures were hard to decipher but the castle still looked pretty majestic. I was even asked by a cute man to take his picture in front of it. (See? Just like the parks!) The construction guys nearby were pretty impressed… he fist-bumped the stylish young man who worked on the ice sculpture.

…also because I’m a total eavesdropper I was listening to what people thought the sculptures were for. One of them thought it was about Cinderella’s re-release. I thought that was a good guess. Maybe they should have kept the signage up a little bit longer?

Although if they turned around and looked up, they would have seen the Limited Time Magic animation on the big screen…

Limited Time Magic NYC

And after a quick stop in The Disney Store (to stare at all the new holiday items), I walked outside and they were already dismantling the ice castle.

Just like that… the little bit of tangible Disney vanished.

Oh well… this just means I must seek out more!

4 thoughts on “Limited Time Magic in New York City (Literally)

  1. I never before stopped to think about how a large ice sculpture needs to be dismantled like that(I guess I always just thought they melted away!) This looks like a really fun moment in the city. As a west-coaster, I love seeing shots of events in New York!

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