Muppet Monday: No Sun Up in the Sky

Howdy friends!

Here in NYC we’re bracing for a visit from Sandy. Transportation has been suspended, and even our neighborhood grocery store is pulling in their always available fruits & vegetable stands.

Hopefully Sandy is more bark than bite, and everyone stays safe.

Anyway, no hurricane is going to stop Muppet Monday!

I’m always very amused by how much Sam the Eagle adores Wayne & Wanda, a couple on The Muppet Show that always seems to hit some sort of disaster no matter how “American” they are. (You have have caught a tiny glimpse of them in the recent Muppet movie as well.)

Case in point:

Oh, those two! They can never catch a break.

Nonetheless, “Stormy Weather” is a classic first recorded by Lena Horne in 1941. Dozens of celebrities have done covers of it, but my favorite is by Judy Garland:

While Judy’s singing more about the hurricane of heartbreak than literal bad weather, it cannot be denied how much emotion she puts into this song. (At least she stays dry, too.)

Well, here’s hoping the power stays on during this storm and we can at least get in some more episodes of The Muppet Show. Oh, priorities.

Also, in case you were curious, Tough Pigs wrote a great recap about this weekend’s Jerry Nelson event in New York. I’m so sad I missed it!

One thought on “Muppet Monday: No Sun Up in the Sky

  1. Love this — I’ve always wondered if Wayne & Wanda are a humorous tribute to the ever-smiling Bobby & Cissy from the Lawrence Welk show. 🙂

    Hope everyone gets through Sandy okay! Stay safe!

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