Just a Little Hocus Pocus

Happy Halloween, friends!

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Halloween fan. In fact, last week at the eye doctor I was surprised when the girl at the front desk asked me if I was dressing up. I feel like the biggest Scrooge saying “no” but I did and she began to rattle on about her costume and what other patients told her they were wearing.

When I have dressed up in the past, I have “transformed” into many beloved Disney characters — Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and Mulan. (I’m pretty sure I was Snow White twice.)

Don’t have any of my Disney Halloween pictures on me, so here’s this one. Maybe I can work in Storybook Circus?

I do have a few favorite Halloween traditions though — cooking pumpkin meals and watching Hocus Pocus, of course!

hocus pocus movie

Ever since I was a kid, it’s been a favorite movie of my sister and I. I remember watching “behind the scenes” footage on Entertainment Tonight when I was a kid, too. (Strange the things I remember.) One of my absolute favorite scenes is when Bette Midler sings “I Put a Spell on You” to a crowd of unassuming adults. (How hilarious is it that the kids’ mom dresses up like Madonna?!)

My favorite part is when she says, “miiiiiiiiine.” I wish I could do that. I try… it just doesn’t work.

The song was written in 1956 by the Screamin Jay Hawks. The performance is called “shock rock”. Check out this video… it is indeed terrifying.

This is not an easy song to sing. It’s actually amazing how different each version is. (There’s a ton: Marilyn Manson, Nina Simone, etc.) Here’s a clip of She & Him singing the tune on Conan (Zooey!):

What pipes!

If you are around the parks during HalloWishes, you might just hear this tune as well. Keep an ear out!

Have fun this Halloween & beware of the black flame candle!

One thought on “Just a Little Hocus Pocus

  1. I love your Halloween photo! I don’t dress up too often either but we watch Hocus Pocus every year too! Along with Nightmare Before Christmas. Thanks for sharing the Zooey video. 🙂

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