Muppet Monday: Oh So Strong

Did you guys have a great weekend?

This Muppet Monday is bittersweet… I had a fabulous weekend with my two best friends from college and now the whirlwind weekend is over. I wish we had more opportunities to see each other and hang out all together, free of responsibility and with all the time in the world.

I thought it was the perfect time to share “(You’ve Got to Have) Friends”, sung by Candice Bergen and a crew of the Muppets in an episode of The Muppet Show from Season 1.

A few observations:

  • The true awkwardness of Gonzo’s character is so apparent. At this point, I have yet to warm up to him on the show and I kind of dislike when he shows up in a sketch. I’m shocked over it actually because I’ve always really enjoyed seeing Gonzo and experiencing his comedy in recent movies (especially The Muppets Christmas Carol). I’ve heard Gonzo is more full-developed and less strange (if possible) in the next season. We’ll see…
  • CANDICE BERGEN can sing! And be silly! And it’s cute.
  • In case you are curious, that other Muppets’ name is Blue Frackle.
  • (You’ve Got to Have) Friends was most famously sung by Bette Midler in 1973. (Mark “Moogy” Klingman and William “Buzzy” Linhart wrote the tune.)

And I am all alone
There is no one here beside me
And my problems have all gone
There is no one to deride me

But you got to have friends
The feeling’s oh so strong
You go to have friendsΒ 
To make that day last long

Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your face this Monday morning, I don’t know what will.

Have a super day!

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