Muppet Monday: Frog and the Tramp

My favorite internet moments are when I google one thing, and end up in an entirely different place.

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend when I was researching a bit about the Jim Henson Company.

I’m still not sure how I found it, but I was pretty elated when I did.

I’ve always been intrigued by buildings and their histories. I do this a lot… find out addresses and then google to see what’s there right now. (I sound like a stalker but I swear I am not! At least… most of the time.)

So how cool was it when I found out that the current home to Jim Henson Company used to be Charlie Chaplin Studios?

charlie chaplin studios

Β To me, it’s a cute coincidence because silent movie star Charlie Chaplin is a part of the movie montage at the end of the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios and the Muppets have their own 3D show there. Simple coincidence but still!

Chaplin bought the land in 1917 and the building was completed in 1919. Many of Chaplin’s movies were shot at the studios and though he had planned to live there (the studio was built in a residential neighborhood), he never actually did.

(According to one article, Sid Grauman was inspired to have stars write their signatures and capture their handprints in cement after Chaplin did this at the studio in 1918.)

After Chaplin sold it in the 1950s, it was the home to many movies, Soul Train, and later, A&M Records, when it was bought by CBS.

The Henson crew bought it in 2000, thinking its quirky construction was the perfect home for the Muppets.

jim henson studios

I think it’s so awesome that the Henso’s paid homage to the original owner of the property with Kermit dressed in the famous Chaplin wardrobe for all the world to see.

My brain clicked when I started to look at more photos because, oh yes, I had seen this place before! Like in these awesome wedding photos shot at the studios!Β (Okay, my next wedding… this is happening.)

You may also recognize the place as the dismal studio represented in The Muppets. That part of the film was actually shot on location here.

For more awesome pictures of this place in Hollywood history, be sure to check out HollywoodlandΒ and Big Orange Landmarks. I couldn’t stop checking these out.

3 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Frog and the Tramp

  1. There isn’t anything mentioned in this post that isn’t awesome and ridiculously cool. I am totally copying some of that wedding if we ever renew our vows. πŸ™‚

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