Walt Disney Wednesday: It’s His Birthday!

Happy Birthday Walt Disney
The Walt Disney Company

While searching around for an image to use in this post, I came across a video on The Walt Disney Family Museum website, someone talking about how Walt Disney went about all of his work without forgetting what it was like to be a kid. I like that about him. Kind of like in this picture where he looks totally amused by everything going on around him.

So happy 111th birthday, Walt!

For this special occasion, I’m going to share a sliver of a paper I wrote when I was in college. (Yes, I wrote two about my love for Disney.) This was before I started this blog, and before I even knew this online community existed. My knowledge of Walt came from a few books, One Man’s Dream, and the Keys to the Kingdom tour. (So I apologize if the facts are fuzzy but the sentiment is there.) Here’s a portion about Walt:

The man of;

Walt Disney went bankrupt 3 times before he was 30 years old. He managed to pay homage to his hometown (Main Street in Magic Kingdom), his dog, and his love of trains.

Walt Disney was a perfectionist. During the construction of the park in Florida, Walt would walk through each different world with his eyes closed. And if he couldn’t sense what world he was in through sound and smell, he would know it wasn’t complete. Each piece in the park has its own story. Even a small fry cart in Adventureland—between the Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain rides.

Maybe everyone believes they are meant to do something important, but how many of them really do, I wrote in my journal.

I sound like such a romantic. (I kind of am.)

Enough about me… let’s backtrack to about a year ago when This Happy Place featured a weekly series called “Walt Wednesdays” wonderfully written and researched by our old pal Michelle. In celebration of Walt’s birthday, I wanted to share two of my favorites (which is the hardest decision ever because they were all very very good).

→ A sweet look at the Partners statue in Magic Kingdom.

→ Walt + his hopes for Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty.

If you want to check out past posts in the Walt Wednesday series, be sure to click here.

I hope you had a piece of cake with your dinner tonight! (Or maybe like me a glass of wine!)


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