Muppet Monday: Kermit Can Really Handle a Chainsaw

Maybe it’s just because I follow the Muppets pretty closely, but I feel like their marketing is always pretty unique. One of my highlights of last week was checking out Kermit’s “Cubicle Confessions.”

After knowing Kermit for practically my whole life, I’m amazed there are still tidbits to learn about him.

Listen closely:

How awesome are the minor tweaks to the “office stage” too? The hat, the magazine, the green folder (is that on purpose, ya think?).

(My husband: “When I am back to work, I am going to get a bobble head of you to put on my desk.” That’s love, right?)

If they did one of these at my job, which is a pretty typical office environment, I’m not sure the stories would be as fun or anyone would launch into “The Rainbow Connection.” (Although, one co-worker does have a business shirt that I think looks like Kermit’s coloring. I told him this, and he told me his favorite character in the Muppets was Miss Piggy.)

For the record, I’m not sure I have a hidden talent. And my worst job might have been retail back in high school when I stocked the shampoo aisle and always had the shampoo all over short. (Oh the memories!)

Kudos to TVGuide for a fun new way to see our favorite frog, and oh, don’t forget to buy your green-ray of The Muppet Christmas Carol.

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