Muppet Monday: Fozzie’s Ugly Sweater Party

It’s that time of year — parties with eggnog, people wearing sparkley outfits, the hum of Christmas music on the radio, and… perhaps, an ugly Christmas sweater or two.

Now, you may disagree with me. But sometimes I find “ugly” sweaters to be cute, and other times I wonder if people have been brainwashed to think their actual UGLY sweaters are cute. I can never tell.

So as much as I love the Muppets. The one thing I remember from their Letters to Santa holiday movie is Fozzie’s sweater. (Not a good sign for many reasons.)

Fozzie's Ugly Christmas Sweater

See? Nothing about this sweater makes sense. The holly sleeves? I mean, I know Kermit is “the man” and stuff but I think Fozzie at least deserves a nice sweater. Not some crafting experiment gone bad.

No wonder the guy can’t tell a decent joke!

I just noticed that he is pairing his regular “uniform” with the sweater. COULD THIS GET ANY WORSE!?

Four years later, Fozzie must have hired a new stylist. In the video for Ceelo’s single “All I Need is Love”, Fozzie is wearing a winter scarf with his signature polka dots.

Ceelo and the Muppets

Fast forward to this year’s Christmas tree lightning, and Fozzie was back to his signature tie. (Must have been a mild night.)


I think we can all agree that when it comes to the holidays + Muppets, Fozzie looks best in a cozy-looking scarf.

As for that Letters from Santa sweater, I hope it took a hike or someone re-gifted it to Waldorf and/or Statler.

2 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: Fozzie’s Ugly Sweater Party

  1. I’ll bet someone on the crew had a great time coming up with the worst sweater possible for poor Fozzie! 🙂

    And — LOL, I just noticed the NBC peacock on Kermit’s sweater!

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