Pretty Paper: a DIY Disney Tradition

Just about 5 days to go until the big day, and I’m sipping some red wine and looking at my crazy pile of paper that is flowing from every corner of my apartment.

Wrapping, gift tag making, and most important — card creating!

Like every year, James and I sent out some photo-filled cards (don’t make fun of me, Hipsters) but there are a chosen few that I make the unique, hand-crafted cards for. Last year, I shared with you the cards I made for my parents the previous year. They always get a themed Disney card, someway somehow. And last year was no different. (Neither is this year, but they are both reading this and I can’t give away my Christmas secrets!)

for mom:

Disney Handmade Christmas Cards

I’ve probably mentioned a bunch of times on the blog that my mom is a huge fan of the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom. Even though she’s seen it a million times, she’s keen to stand in line forever just to get a good seat. I drew the lion here myself (be kind) and just used stickers and patterned paper in the background.

for dad:

Disney Handmade Christmas Cards

This particular one is more of an interpretation of an attraction. (I’ve actually made my dad a Father’s Day card starring John from COP in the past.) I used a brad to make the “gears” turn on this card with more patterned paper. ABC stamp for the center (best investment ever) and snowflake stamp in gold ink for the background.

for the sis:

Disney Handmade Christmas Cards

Yeti!! So my sister and I experienced our first ride on Everest together, and our picture will forever burn in our memory. We looked so scared, so petrified. (For the record, this ride still scares me.) Anyway… this is why I decided to give her the Yeti. Not cause I’m scared of her or anything. Anyway, I drew the Yeti, used rhinestones along his arm. Pattered paper and stickers in the background.

Hope you enjoyed those!

I am so so excited to tackle my idea for these 3 in the next few days! Let’s see if it ends up like the picture I have in my head.

Happy crafting!

P.S. Be sure to check out Lance + Jeff’s post about sending out Christmas cards. It cracked me up.

10 thoughts on “Pretty Paper: a DIY Disney Tradition

  1. Wow… these are just beautiful. I wish I had any artistic ability to be able to make similar things for my Disney friends/family!

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