Muppet Monday: It Feels like Christmas (Eve)

So when I sat down to write today’s Christmas Eve Muppet Monday, I thought I would just share with you my favorite song: It Feels Like Christmas sung to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Present in The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Last year, I shared with you that my husband and I always watch this Muppet movie on Christmas Eve. It’s our way of saving the best for last.

Bean Bunny in Muppet Christmas Carol
Source + Property of WDC.

Tonight, YouTube took me in a completely different direction, when I found this:

A making-of featurette from the original VHS of The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s a lot of fun to hear the Muppets and the puppeteers talk about how the movie came to be, with a familiar narrator who makes me miss the Magical Express a ton.

After years of watching this movie, I had no idea that the late Jerry Nelson was the voice + mastered the facial expression for the Ghost of Christmas Present. I think you’ll enjoy watching how that was created.

You will probably like how Miss Piggy complains about her “small role”, and the explanation of how green screen works. (This made me laugh.)

Thanks for joining me today! If you are celebrating these next two days, I hope you enjoy the time with families and friends. Sing carols! Drink pie! Watch the Muppets!

Merry, merry Christmas all!

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