Cheery Recap of 2012 Holiday Festivities

Happy Saturday!

While I attempt to cram as many Christmas carols in before it’s deemed unhealthy to listen to them and hope my Christmas tree can live until my birthday (it’s in February), I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from the last week or so. Many of them are Disney related, but a few of them are not.

Again, hope you enjoyed any festivities you celebrated in December! I still can’t believe the new year is just a couple days away…

Where does the time go?? (I keep asking myself this!)
2012 Disney Holidays at This Happy Place Blog

From left to right:

» A Muppet card made by my dear friend, Regina. Didn’t she do a great job? She hand stamped all the cards she sent out this year. (That’s true dedication!)

» Our teenie tiny decorated Christmas tree.

» My parents after they unwrapped a Peter Pan canvas painted by my sister. Every year, we try to buy them tickets to a Broadway show + my sister makes something fun to go along with it. This year? They will be seeing Peter and the Starcatcher before it closes.

» A sneak peek at the Disney handmade cards I made for my family this year. (Check out 2011’s cards here.) This particular card went to my sister. Can you guess what the other two are? (You only have to wait a year to find out the answer!)

» Our Christmas Eve beer of choice: Sly Fox Christmas Ale 2012. Really very nice.

» Some lovely mail from one of my Disney bffs: Melissa @ Disney on Wheels. I absolutely love her holiday cards this year!

» One of our favorite Disney ornaments. We actually bought it on our first trip to the parks together a few years ago.

» Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve. Kevin McAllister wasn’t there, but there were a ton of tourists and some rain.

» A James/Estelle tradition: writing funny gift tags to one another. Here were two of the bunch.

» Recognize these two guys? Loved exchanging cards with Lance + Jeff this year!

» Macy’s holiday decorations include a wonderful highlight reel including Thanksgiving Day parade footage from way back. I somehow snapped this Mickey very quickly! (Donald was also in the montage!)

» James and I on Christmas Day. My parents gave me a Fujifilm Instax camera + this is the first shot we took. (I can’t wait to bring this on an upcoming Disney trip!)

» The gorgeous decorations at Macy’s. I always hate to see these go. (But happy to know they’ll be back next year!)

…I don’t know about you but I’m already counting the days until next Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Cheery Recap of 2012 Holiday Festivities

  1. There’s a lot of great, classic Christmas holiday cheer on display here — awesome! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the rest of the Christmas cards you made! Love your friend’s Kermit snowflake, too!

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