Few of My Favorite (Disney) Things: 2012

This has got to have been the fastest year on record!

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be January 1.

It’s been such a fantastic year around This Happy Place Blog, and I want to take a second to thank all the readers, new and old, and other bloggers in the Disney community who have been so supportive and amazing throughout the year. Even with only going on one trip this year, it’s been so much fun to come up with content and embark on some fun things. I hope to do more of the same in 2013!

Before then, I did want to share some of my top moments from the past year:

Jim Henson’s Musical World: James and I took our first trip to Carnegie Hall after I bought tickets for this show + had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing hour of THE REAL MUPPETS, Paul Williams, and a ton of my old favorites from Sesame Street. Definitely a great New York City moment for me. (The folks at Carnegie Hall were also sweet enough to send me a poster from the event signed by all the amazing folks who were part of the show!)

Jim Henson's Musical World

Disney on Broadway: It was just about a year ago that Jeremy Jordan finally announced he would be back leading Newsies to Broadway. It’s crazy to think in a span of a year I’ve seen the show twice, Jeremy has come and gone (he’ll be on NBC’s Smash in February), and the show has been the fastest Disney show to fully recoup. And then there’s the hidden treasure: Peter and the Starcatcher, a play that will be closing in January, but also managed to bring home some Tony awards this summer. I’m not sure when Disney Theatrical will have another year like this one, but I can’t wait to see what’s next…

Disney Cruise Line in New York City: Our lone vacation this year is going to be hard to top. Sailing out of New York City on the Disney Magic was not only convenient, but it was just a wonderful trip. We made great friends, had some awesome geeky Disney experiences, and even got to hang out in the parks for one day without jumping on a plane at all. I do hope they bring a ship back to our hometown in 2015!

Disney Cruise Line

Meeting great new people: One of the most amazing things about writing in this community are the friends you make. This year I was lucky enough to meet Sarah from Running at Disney and Melissa from Mouse in the Mind in person! Two lovely ladies. There’s also been the fabulous @AlisonD64 + @mfeige who share my love of Broadway! And, of course, the list of who I want to meet just keeps getting longer with funny/talented/sweet people like Lance + Jeff, Melissa from Disney on Wheels, and @Amandimation!

Discovering new blogs: When it comes to my own reading preferences, I know where I want to go for news. But for everything else, I so appreciate original and fun content. Honest and solid writing! Here are a few of my new favorites from this year: Mouse Troop (daily Disneyland!), Lance + Jeff (who blog about Disney but also daily life!), the folks at Beers and Ears, A Pinch of Pixie Dust (great pictures and detail oriented posts!), and Nick’s Fiesta Fun Center!

Finding Disney at home: Well, when you don’t have a trip scheduled… this is just what you have to do. We’ve drank beers from the parks, discovered what we hoped to be teleportation devices, and even leaked super secret family text messages! Then there was the backstage tour of the New Amsterdam Theatre, the Lion King Musical exhibit, and Limited Time Magic announcement! A girl does what she has to do!

New Amsterdam Theater - Prop Tour

Finding some new creative ways to share Disney with you! I’ve had so much fun with many of the series featured on THP this year… I can only hope I can come up with something even more exciting in the next year! I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic writers, and really present something I could be proud of. I hope you enjoyed them: Dapper Day, Endearing and Underrated, Animal Kingdom Appreciation, Holiday Shopping Guides.

dapper day

And there you have it, THP’s 2012 in a nutshell!

Just want to take a quick minute to thank a few special folks:

» Ryan at Main St. Gazette for being amazingly supportive and asking me to be a part of his weekly World News roundtable! I feel so honored!

» Sarah (Running at Disney), Melissa (Mouse on the Mind), Melissa (Disney on Wheels) for being such supportive friends!

» Rich at Mouse Troop and Amanda Williams for always having the nicest things to say, and taking the time to say them!

And, of course, to my mom and dad who are always reading and wanting to discuss what’s going on and my husband, James, for writing when he can and still proofing all my work despite his first semester at law school.

Most importantly, thank YOU dear reader for stopping by! I hope to see you again in 2013! Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Few of My Favorite (Disney) Things: 2012

  1. Thank you, Estelle, for always being your cheery, thoughtful, quirky, lovable self. You brighten our Mondays with Muppets and our Tuesdays-Sundays with your passion for Disney, love of sharing unique finds that keep things fresh, and your charming internet presence that always makes the web a happy place. Whether in person or through the magic of technology, we are all lucky to have you here, a lively and truly endearing individual. Thanks for being a friend.

  2. Thank you for being the awesomely sweet and wonderful person that you are. I am so glad we became closer Disney pals this year. I’m looking forward to working with you again and meeting you in person soon (I may cry :). Reading your blog has become the highlight of my day and inspiration for me to challenge myself and get really creative with mine. In short, you rock and I feel so lucky to know you. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Estelle, and thank you for all the fantastic articles you’ve written! Muppet Mondays are an official part of my weekly schedule, and your site always makes me glad I paid a visit — there’s so much heart, imagination, brilliance and fun going on here! 🙂

  4. Happy New Year, beautiful lady!! You inspired me constantly. Honestly–I am in awe of everything you do, and I learn so much from watching you do your thing. 2013, I am sure, will be no different … although I do hope to spend more time hanging out with you in person once my life gets settled again. 🙂

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