Main Street Family Fun Day Parade: A Hidden Couple

Did you ever just glance through your vacation pictures and discover something new?

Tonight, I was just flipping through the years and hoping to find some inspiration. And I got it in two pictures.

These two pictures are from our August 2007 trip, during the Year of a Million Dreams. (Or as someone dubbed it on the MiceChat forum’s the 2 Years of 2 Million Dreams.) The Main Street Family Fun Day Parade channeled the patriotic parades from the past (Sam the Eagle would be so proud) and encouraged audience participation. Rightfully so, the short parade also featured the Main Street Philharmonic. (My favorite!) The parade made its final trek at the end of September in 2008.

With the Disney Parks planning to kick off “Limited Time Magic” celebration with the inclusion of many forgotten characters, these particular shots (and the only 2 I took) are so fitting. Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar, this snazzy couple, are featured prominently in these pre-parade antics.

I can’t say I remember ever seeing these two roaming the park, so perhaps they are dusting off their theme park best and preparing to greet guests on a more frequent basis this year.

I wonder what the gossip columnists will say though. Apparently Clarabelle was going steady with Horace for about 30 years before she jumped into a relationship with Goofy. Their current status is unknown.

To watch Pluto lead the parade, Chip and Dale hula hoop, and Clarabelle walk a stroller (yep, it’s true), check out a full video of the sweet yet simple Main Street Family Fun Day Parade here.

5 thoughts on “Main Street Family Fun Day Parade: A Hidden Couple

  1. I love Clarabelle! Both Clarabelle and Horace show up in the Epic Mickey video games as well, and they both have their own floats in the Once Upon a Christmastime parade. I think it’s great that these long under-appreciated characters (a new blog series, perhaps?) still exist in the parks.

    Gotta say, though, I’m not in love with Clarabelle’s three-dimensional design…she looks kinda scary! I think it would be great, if a little weird, if they had a whole slew of walk-around characters that mimicked the 1930s-40s black-and-white designs. Flower hat Minnie, Oswald, etc. Maybe have a themed character breakfast!

  2. I love these costumes, and I’d love to see these characters featured more in the parks. And, yeah, I’ll bet Horace is a tad bitter about Goofy and Clarabelle.

    I agree with Jeff about bringing in Black and White character designs — I loved the use of Horace as a down-and-out detective in Epic Mickey.

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