Muppet Monday: Splitting like a Banana

Welcome to the first official Muppet Monday of 2013!

The start of a new year is always highlighted with new beginnings, and resolutions. How much weight we should lose, what new and exciting activities we should try. It’s like a blank slate. The opportunity to start all over again.

Well, how would you feel if the Muppets went and changed something you knew and loved?

That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw this:

The Muppet Show Episode 23

Okay, that’s just a screen cap but basically Floyd Pepper has announced to Kermit (BEFORE THE SHOW REALLY STARTS) that he + the band are leaving the show (forever!) because they are sick and tired of their boring theme song.

You can check out the clip here.

First of all, I always thought Dr. Teeth was the leader of this crew, not Floyd Pepper — no matter how hip he is.

Second, there are many annoying songs in the world (It’s a Small World, anyone?) but The Muppet Show theme song has never once driven me crazy.

But then again, I’m not playing it for 23 episodes straight. (Twice each episode.)

Kermit starts begging a bit in part 2. And in part 3, the band debuts a new theme song.

I know this is a lot to throw at you on a Monday morning, but this has got to be one of my favorite episodes of The Muppet Show and I haven’t even mentioned the guest star, Kay Ballard.

So what do you think… out with the old, in with the new? Or should some things just be left alone?

I don’t care if Floyd thinks I’m un-hip or not… I’m with Kermit. That theme song is pretty catchy.

One thought on “Muppet Monday: Splitting like a Banana

  1. I love the original Muppet Show Theme, but I can see how Floyd and the rest of the Mayhem would be doing a slow burn each time they had to play it! 🙂

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