TheatEAR Newsflash: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa (1/7/13)


I was planning on writing a short and sweet post about the 2-for-1 Broadway ticket sale that is going on January 22 – February 7. The Lion King, Newsies, and Mary Poppins are included on the list. A great chance to see some amazing shows at reasonable prices!

And then out of nowhere (at least after many months of silence on this story), the New York Times is reporting that Mary Poppins will close on Broadway on March 3, Disney will renovate the New Amsterdam once again, and Aladdin will make its home there next.

Broadway news overload!

The sources in the article were anonymous, but the dates all seem pretty specific.

The show premiered in Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater in 2011, and went on to play MUNY in St. Louis this past summer, as well as the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Utah.

Making of Aladdin at Seattle’s 5th Street:

A video from the production of Aladdin at the MUNY:

The bright colors, the big sets, I just didn’t feel all that impressed. But it was the most popular production at MUNY to date.

But who doesn’t love the story of Aladdin? I’m sure Disney said the same thing about The Little Mermaid, though, and that didn’t do very well on Broadway.

Here’s another peek from the MUNY production:

Now, I’m a huge fan of seeing my beloved Disney classics on the stage but I’d rather shoot for more of a Newsies success than disappointing runs like Tarzan and The Little Mermaid

Hopefully with some time (the aimed opening of Aladdin would be in spring of 2014) audiences will get the Disney show they deserve to see — a show that manages to capture the heart and the creativity that The Lion King brought to Broadway fifteen years ago.

More to come on this soon, I’m sure.

Update: Here’s another update from Playbill + a photo gallery from the Seattle production.

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