Meet Us in New York City!

new york city meetup

This is happening!

Mark your calendars for our New York City meet up because we want to meet you and chat it up!

There will be trivia, prizes, drinks, and lots of good company!

We would love to have some kind of head count beforehand so we have an idea of just how many of you lovely folks to expect. (And so we can tell the establishment where we are holding this special occasion!) So it would be oh-so wonderful if you could just fill out the following form if you will be attending. 🙂 Thanks!

Yay! So excited to take part + big thanks to Disney Hipsters for being such gracious hosts and allowing Mouse on the Mind and I to join the party.

See you in February!

4 thoughts on “Meet Us in New York City!

  1. Fun! I put down two b/c I don’t know if Steve is coming, but if anything, JP will come. We may be a little late b/c JP has a commitment in the early afternoon, but we’ll make it. =)

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