Muppet Monday: What a Wonderful World, Indeed

Here’s a sweet little scene to commemorate the birthday of my dear husband. (You know him as James.)

We watched this clip of Rowlf singing “What a Wonderful World” to a tiny puppy a few weeks ago, and he commented on how it’s such a nice song to start off the new year with. Well, he was right except we are using it to kick off his birthday in style.

Because, it is truly a much more wonderful place with him around.

(Who else could I watch endless episodes of The Muppet Show with?)

It’s kind of ironic to see Rowlf, a dog Muppet, and a true to life pup interacting. But it’s such a special song for a quieter, calmer moment on a quite boisterous episode of The Muppet Show, featuring Don Knotts. (This was in Season 2.)

Rowlf is quite the performer — he can easily transitionΒ from a rocker pup with his ears flying every which way to a crooning, emotional solo like this one right here.

It’s such a hopeful song and it’s not a surprise that this particular song is used for parent dances at weddings.

Nothing beats the original Louis Armstrong version from 1968 though.

Here’s wishing James many blue skies and green trees for a trillion years to come…

One thought on “Muppet Monday: What a Wonderful World, Indeed

  1. I’m a couple of days late, but Happy Birthday, James!!!!! πŸ™‚

    This is now my second-favorite version of this song, ever. Man, the SPCA should use this clip in an ad — Donations would skyrocket!

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