Enjoying the Fireworks

I don’t know what it’s like to tour the theme parks with your family.

But our philosophy during those early trips was to camp out early for parades and for fireworks.

Even if we saw the particular parade or fireworks extravaganza before, we would plant ourselves on the ground.

And wait. And wait. And wait.

My husband has never been as big of a fan as the parades as my mom so since we started vacationing together, we would play it by ear with the parades and that worked out. (Especially because there was never a new one I was dying to see. I could deal with viewing everything from a distance.)

For fireworks, the two of us have never been picky about spots either. We are just looking up at the sky, anyway. (Although if a person sneakily steals the spot in front of me AND THEN puts their kids up on their shoulders, I’m not a happy camper.)

After our engagement shoot at the BoardWalk in 2010, James and I ran over to Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours in our fancy duds and lucked out with a great spot for Wishes when we arrived.

Front row, center, the second floor of the Main Street train station.

Wishes May 2010 at Magic Kingdom

Wishes May 2010 at Magic Kingdom

Wishes May 2010 at Magic Kingdom

Wishes May 2010 at Magic Kingdom

I can almost guarantee we haven’t been that lucky since.

Looking ahead, I can’t help but wonder if spontaneous moments like these will become few and far between with the unveiling of MyMagic+, etc. I’ve always been a planner, but I think if you want to enjoy your VACATION without adhering to a strict schedule, (like, let’s say, our every day life.)  you can’t have every single detail laid out for you. Relaxation and unique opportunities like these are what make vacations special.

They are what make a vacation a vacation!

So for now, I will remain thankful for that night and these pictures and hope to stumble across something just as lovely in the future.

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