Hooray for Hollywood (and Birthdays!)

Whether you are celebrating the release of Peter Pan on Blu-ray or Jeremy Jordan’s first night on SMASH, it would be nice if WDW was just a hop, skip, and a jump away to commemorate these momentous occasions in our lives.

So today on a day that also happens to be my birthday, I wish I was there. Okay, that’s not so much different from every other day but especially on this day could I use a little Florida sunshine and a Dole Whip or two or three. I’ve never had a chance to party it up  in the theme parks for a birthday and I’ve been thinking about all that I would want to do.  THE PERFECT DAY. And then I thought of my new one-park-a-day philosophy and how that might influence my plans.

A toughie, right?

I think you might be surprised to hear me pick Hollywood Studios as the park to spend my birthday. It’s a park that I always loved as a kid, but over the years, I’ve been disappointed with the lack of attention it has gotten, especially when compared to the other parks. When a park is created by a company that makes movies, it’s frustrating to see the 80s and 90s in full swing — and not in a cool, vintage way either.

But there’s a ton to love about about this place. It’s cozy, you can pace yourself, and if you need a little break… you can escape to the BoardWalk Resort and return to DHS whenever you want.

But, come on, you know. How could I spend my birthday without seeing my pals?

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Birthday MuppetVision

Even though it would be so much more fantastic to MEET the Muppets, this is probably as close as I’m going to get for awhile.

I plan on listening to some fantastic park audio while matching my hand prints with those of the famous. And then heading to the Great Movie Ride, of course! It’s not a Disney day without Footlight Parade.

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Birthday Handprints

Fun fact: Well maybe it’s more of a silly one… but people used to sort of laugh at my name because of Ms. Getty. But she’s a funny lady!

Because I’m so much fun… I might look into some real estate…

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Office for Rent

When it’s about time for a snack and a drink, I’d head over to the Tune-In Lounge… because hey, I’ve never been there and I’ve been dying to try it out.

disney tune in lounge
Picture from Disney Food Blog

A birthday girl needs to treat herself. Luckily DHS is home to some of my favorite shops: Keystone Clothiers and Mickey’s of Hollywood on that main drag known as Hollywood Boulevard. And how about that treat at the start of the park filled with memorabilia from movies and movie posters? I could hang out there for hours!  Sid Caheunga’s One-of-a-Kind, here I come!

Sid Caheunga's One-of-a-Kind

I’m not a huge fan of falling 13 stories on special occasion so I’m going to have to nix Tower of Terror (sorry, husband) but I will be patiently waiting for Aerosmith to hook me up with a VIP ride to their concert. (I hear it’s fast. And loud.) Speaking of rides, I’m hoping if I’m around for an entire day I can actually experience the majesty that is Midway Mania. I’m a really good Scrabble player.

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Midway Mania

I will then enjoy a nap under a brilliant blue sky and palm tree… or take a short swim with these guys…

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Birthday MuppetVision Rats

Maybe hang out with a monster?

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Monsters Inc

And the big finale! My day would not be complete without a wonderful dinner at Mama Melrose’s (I cannot pass up the sangria and penne alla vodka!) and a viewing of Fantasmic! It’s not a party if I don’t hear the dance version of “So This is Love”… (you can decide whether or not to take me seriously on that one, but I do own the CD.)

Estelle's Hollywood Studios Birthday Fantasmic

“Hey! This is MY dream!”‘

Now that does seem like a lovely way to spend pass the time to me. But if I could really have just ONE thing happen in Hollywood Studios for MY BIRTHDAY… it would be a visit to the old Magic of Disney Animation exhibit. The one with the adorable Robin Williams and William Cronkite video. It made me cry every single time. (In a good way, I swear.)

So just like that my dream day at the World is over. I know most people would probably let their imaginations run a bit more wild but, after the past couple of months, I am kind of craving a certain calmness when it comes to vacation and for some reason Hollywood Studios has always provided that to me.

I do hope that, like me, Hollywood Studios enjoys a year of much personal growth and happiness. I know I’m looking forward to its future adventures!

8 thoughts on “Hooray for Hollywood (and Birthdays!)

  1. AWWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I agree that laid-back birthdays are the best. And when I’m at the parks I try to cram everything that I possibly can into one day, but it is usually to the chagrin of everyone I am traveling with, so I’ve been trying to tone it down a bit more. So this really sounds perfect! May the rest of your day be filled with Disney touches and bubbly drinks!!!

  2. Happy birthday!! I think I would pick Hollywood Studios for my birthday too and your plan sounds like such a fun and relaxing time. I think you are going to have an amazing vacation!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday, Estelle!!! I hope it was fantastic! Your DHS plans sound perfect. When I visited WDW, Sid Cahuenga’s instantly became my favorite shop on planet Earth.

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